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Mark Long of Estacada, Oregon Opens Clackamas River Growlers Beer Front

Estacada’s most recent tap room is a result of Mark Long’s love of community and entrepreneurship.

Long, who lives in Eagle Creek, wanted to open Clackamas River Growlers, 367 S.E. Main St., because he felt the community didn’t have anything like it.

“He thought it would be good to have something like this here, especially with all of the outdoor recreation in the area,” said Long’s daughter Kristen Watson, interpreting for her father as he communicated in sign language.

Read rest of article at Estacada News in Oregon.


Meet Derek Muller. Veritasium is his channel covering many science and engineering subjects including interviews. Veritasium, according to Muller on his Wikipedia page:

‘The name “Veritasium” is a combination of the Latin word for truth, Veritas, and the suffix common to many elements, -ium. This creates “Veritasium”, an element of truth, a play on the popular phrase and a reference to scientific elements.’

Note: Veritasium is a 2016 Streamy Awards nominee in the category of science or education.


Rachel Levin

Rachel Levin and her boyfriend Isaac come together in a series of videos ranging from wildly funny to competitive to making things to beauty tips.

Note: Started captioning as of June 5, 2015. She is also a 2016 Streamy nominee in the Lifestyle category.

Miss 2059

It’s 2059. Two sisters are completely different from each other. Victoria’s a beauty pageant queen. Arden’s part of the military’s Protectorate. Both of them meet up in a control room with other people, with Arden about to be beamed to a battlefield. For some reason, Victoria gets beamed to the battlefield instead.

Note: Go90 is a new site that actually has captioning ability from the start. Let’s give them some business and views. Chrome browser does not show the captioning yet. Use Firefox or download the Go90 app.

2016 Streamy Awards nominee

Yoga with Adrienne

Want to get healthier, move around better, things like that? Join Adriene and her dog Benji in some sessions of yoga in various locations other than her home.

Note: Adriene started captioning as of two years ago and has been committed since then. She’s also a 2016 Streamy Award Nominee!