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God Complx

Imagine being promoted by the major tech company you work for to start the launch of a new home automation system. Next, you’ve just been invited into a fancy loft on the beach where several other tech brains live. The only way to get into that loft is by an invitation. It’s a clash of ego and brains.

Note: 2017 Los Angeles web series festival selection

Bmore Chicks

Based in Baltimore, Maryland. Three young African American women in low-wage jobs work at an inn. Urban style, with some possibly offensive language and mention of drugs. What one disgusted housekeeper does in one scene in the first episode, will make you laugh. One of the women comes up with an idea to make more money by breaking rules/laws.  Eight episodes, fully captioned. Producer did the captioning themselves.

Running with Violet

Miranda, together with Jolene and her young daughter Violet all go on a girls weekend. Things turn for the worse as they find themselves in the middle of a drug deal, with them watching a waitress in on the deal killing a cop. Complicating things is young Violet needing to use the bathroom every so often.

Note: The captions must be turned on for every video watched. To turn them on, click on the video, click on the CC on the lower right on the screen, then click on English. At the moment, it only seems to work with Google Chrome, but not Firefox.

Nominated for Best Dramatic Series, 2017 International Academy of Web Television Awards.


A group of human adventurers who are attempting to bring back human civilization in the expanding forest meet a group of Druids, forest-dwelling people with mythological beliefs and powers that come from runes, which are symbols that can be read by them. Unfortunately, the first meeting between the two does not go well. It is an ancient prophecy that is hoped to bring peace to both sides.

Note: Nominee for the 2017 LA Web Fest.


Lua and Jessica bump into each other when Jessica becomes sick during a swim in the ocean. Lua invites Jessica to become part of her NGO (non-government organization) working with the kids. Jessica’s also training for the Olympics under the watchful eye of her dad. Then a health issue changes everything for Jessica.

Getting Back with Dave Benson Phillips

This British web series is a mockumentary (fake documentary) about a former children’s TV producer named Dave Benson Phillips. The prequel episodes have all been captioned, including the trailer. Each of the prequel episodes introduces the main characters and sets the tone for the upcoming mockumentary. Did you know that the British word for “slime” is “gunge?”

Minnesota Web Fest 2017 – Best Mockumentary, Best Performance in a Web Series, Best Representation of Communities of Color in a web series

Logan Paul

YouTuber Logan Paul, who has over 10 million subscribers as of this post, began closed captioning in December 2016. Although he has not captioned his older videos, since December 2016 he has exhibited a commitment to closed captioning. Captioning quality is not good though. This means either he is doing it himself, using volunteers, or doing minor editing of the automatic captioning transcript and re-uploading it to the video to create closed captions. The captions are long and run-on instead of being edited into brief pop-on captions.  Timing quality is poor. So why are we publishing Logan Paul anyway? We are publishing him because he is one of the few YouTube superstars who at least caption their videos. Be warned though, it is a bit painful watching his videos because of the poor captioning quality.

If you don’t understand our description of the captioning quality, we suggest you check out IISuperwomanII, another YouTube superstar who captions and has quality captions on her videos: Another YouTube superstar that has quality captions is Tyler Oakley: Tyler has captioned steadily with quality captions since he began captioning.

If you like Logan Paul (there’s got to be a reason he has over 10 million subscribers) but are dissatisfied with the captioning quality (it looks like crowd sourced captioning), reach out to him:

Twitter: @loganpaul
YouTube: Go to About, and select the Message button (you have to be signed in)

NOTE: If you want to vote for Logan Paul, follow the guidance in the embedded tweet below.


Chris is with an advertising organization. He has to deal with his past that has somehow become erased, thus questioning his own existence and the organization he works with.

Note: Episode Zero (Episodio Zero) has no captioning due to it being without spoken lines.